Romeo & Juliet

I think that the main people to blame are lord and lady Capulet. There the ones that caused the most trouble toward Juliet’s death. They were trying to force Juliet to marry someone she didn’t want to. Her mom didn’t want to rush things nor them getting married she just agreed to lord Capulet because he kept saying that Juliet and Paris were going to get married it wasn’t an option.

Lord Capulet wanted Juliet andParisto get married not knowing that she was already married to Romeo. She didn’t want to say anything because she knew that her dad was going to get even madder then he already was. Her father thought she was crying over Tybalt when she was really crying over Romeo. Juliet knew it was love at first sight because they couldn’t keep there eyes off of each other at the party, that’s when Juliet’s dad wanted Paris and her to dance. Romeo couldn’t help but stare at Juliet and how beautiful she was then when they made an announcement Romeo grabbed Juliet’s hand and kissed it. They had to see each other everyday. So they did. They were so in love that they got married without anyone knowing. Lord Capulet had no idea that she got married to Romeo so he wanted them (Paris, Juliet) to get married.

It’s also friar Laurence fault for giving that sleeping poison to Juliet. He didn’t want anyone to know so she gave it to her in secret. Right after she went to sleep for 48 hours they found her “dead”. When Romeo found out about the death he rushed to her side but first he found a guy to sell him a poison so he could die with her. When he got to her he was saying how she hasn’t rot because she was so beautiful. He rushed drinking the poison that he dint even notice her breathing but it was to late he drake it and she had already awaken. He died right in front of her, she saw the whole thing. She wanted to die with him so she grabbed  his gun and shot herself in the head.
The conclusion is that it was mostly lord and lady Capulet’s fault but it was also friar Laurence fault. The Capulet’s for forcing her to marry someone she didn’t want to marry and friar Laurence for giving her the poison and making people think she was dead.

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my dream

I was in a contest with four other girls in china, and we were competing for this guy

Then the guy picked another girl instead of me, I got so pissed that we started fighting

The guy was so impressed of my fighting that he changed his mind and picked me

In china there was a tradition that if you lose a wrestling match you have to get dressed up as a fruit

 (banana costume)

We were all laughing at here, but then out of nowhere the ground started to shake.. we all looked back and there were sumo wrestlers running toward the blond girl. I think they like chasing fruit because the sumo wrestlers were chasing other fruits too.

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